Konarka’s plastic solar cells

Konarka's Power Plastic
Konarka's Power Plastic
Fortune magazine has a nice writeup on Konarka, a small compnay that’s created something they call Power Plastic, which is a new lightweight, flexible and cheap material that can be used as solar panels, both inside and outside.  Right now, Konarka is selling small amounts of their Power Plastic to Skyshades, an Australian company that puts it on outdoor umbrellas and tote bags so that cellphones can be recharged.  But Konarka certainly has bigger plans.     Konarka recently received funding from venture capitalists totalling $145 million, including $45 million from the French oil company Total, and they are working on a translucent version of their Power Plastic solar panels that could be built into windows, generating enough electricity to run entire buildings.  Konarka is also involved on a project with the Department of Defense to build its Power Plastic into tents so that the sun can recharge a soldier’s equipment while in remote locations.

7 thoughts on “Konarka’s plastic solar cells

  1. Hello

    We at Washington state university would like to buy an organic solar cell for our lab. Do you sell them? If not do you know where to buy them from?


  2. when will they be for sale to the average australian home? estimated cost?

  3. Are they available in Pakistan?

  4. dear sirs::: when and where can i buy some of these solar panels for my home. I live in PUERTO RICO, USA. Please reply thanks

  5. dear sirs::: when and where can i buy some of these solar panels for my home. I live in india thank you sir

  6. I need to buy 100 square meters of this product for my project in South Africa, do you have any distributors in SA?

    Please tell me how much it will cost and how long it takes to ship this product?

  7. hello, do you have distributors in spain?

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