Largest U.S. Community Owned Solar Farm Comes Online in Colorado

A joint venture between Colorado based San Miguel Power Association, Inc (SMPA) and the Clean Energy Collective (CEC) has started producing power at their new San Miguel Power Association Community Solar Array. This makes the 1.1 MW solar farm located in southwestern Colorado the largest community-owned solar facility in the US. It’s currently producing solar generated electricity for over 200 individual ratepayers in the area served by SMPA.

The community based solar model lets individual electricity users buy solar panels for $705 each (after rebates from SMPA).  A homeowner can buy just one panel or enough to offset all their electricity use, and they receive credit for the power their panels produce right on their bill each month. Here’s Clean Energy Collective’s founder and CEO Paul Spencer on the concept. “We are leveraging scalability to the benefit of individual panel owners. You don’t even need a roof to adopt clean energy today, and the paybacks are higher than ever – both for the environment and financially.”

CEC fully expects to expand on this model further in 2013 – they expect to have 10 MW worth of community owned arrays by the end of 2013, and are shooting for 100 MW nationally by 2015.

via: Energy Digital

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