Lots of small scale solar projects in the news this week

For some reason, I’m seeing a bunch of articles about various small scale solar projects in the news this week.  Maybe its because there’s a lack of large scale projects hitting the news, I don’t know.     But lots of smaller ones add up.

Here’s some links to a few of them:

Woodbridge (NJ) FedEx facility to have nation’s largest rooftop solar panel installation – ok, maybe this is medium scale.   The installation, which is to be completed later this year, will provide about 30% of the facilities electricity needs.

Ft Collins (CO) Courthouse to go green with solar panels

Solar panels to provide electricity for Rockland (MA) High School

San Mateo County (CA) to put solar panels on parking garage

Sun will help power nine Portland (OR) schools – the panels are expected to produce about 18% of the schools’ power needs

2 thoughts on “Lots of small scale solar projects in the news this week

  1. Solar power continues to move apace and with the drop in the price of solar panels, this will increase in the coming months.

    Solar is starting to make inroads in Africa in much bigger volumes as well – the price has come down to a point where people can afford to buy it for themselves, whilst the huge amount of sunshine in Africa means that even small solar panels can make a big difference.

  2. Solar panels is finally an affordable means to sustain and harness green energy on a non commercial level. Since that is the case, that’s probably why there simply isn’t much media coverage on it at a larger scale.

    There are now several comprehensive and user friendly options for everyone to harness solar energy. http://budurl.com/diysolarenergy

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