Make your own solar cells

Science Daily reports that researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology have developed a new cheap solar cell that can just be painted or printed on flexible plastic sheets. These new cells will very possibly give homeowners the ability to print out sheets of these solar cells with their inkjet printer. Hang the sheet on the roof or a wall and make your own power.

The new solar cells use a carbon nanotube complex combined with carbon Buckyballs (also called fullerenes) to create snake like structures that conduct electricity better than copper wires.

“Using this unique combination in an organic solar cell recipe can enhance the efficiency of future painted-on solar cells,” according to lead researcher Somenath Mitra, PhD, professor and acting chair of NJIT’s Department of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. “Someday, I hope to see this process become an inexpensive energy alternative for households around the world.”

You can read the full Science Daily article here.

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