Nanosolar announces $4.1 billion in contracts, boosts efficiency, starts

Nanosolar came out with flurry of announcements today, after months and months of quiet time for the company.    And the announcements were pretty big – Nanosolar’s thin film CIGS solar cells have hit 16.4% efficiency (verified by the DoE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory), which is currently the highest efficiency seen from a printed photovoltaic solar cell.   Furthermore, the powersheet panels made from these cells have an efficiency greater than 11 percent.

Nanosolar thin film cells
Nanosolar thin film cells

For those who haven’t heard of Nanosolar, they make thin film CIGS (copper indium gallium (di)selenide cells by printing their proprietary ink on rolls of aluminum foil.  You can read more by downloading their new white paper.    (The white paper actually represents a bit of a departure for Nanosolar, up to now they’ve been very secretive about their technology.)

That’s not all.   Nanosolar also has announced that they’ve received $4.1 billion in orders for their powersheets, which include orders from solar power plant developers like NextLight, AES Solar and Germany’s Beck Energy.  Along with that announcement came news that they have completed production of their German factory where the the Nanosolar panels will be assembled.   Total annual capacity of the new plant is 640 megawatts.    Their San Jose plant (where the cells are made) is currently operating at a capacity of one million solar cells a month, and is continuing to ramp up production.

If you want even more info, you can read a short Q&A that Reuters did with Martin Roscheisen, the CEO of Nanosolar.

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