Nanosolar completes 538kW solar panel installation for Ohio National Guard

Nanosolar thin film solar panels are powering a new solar farm at the Camp Perry Ohio National Guard Base in Port Clinton, Ohio.   The new project, which was led by Ramanoff Electric, consists of 2,750 of Nanosolar’s thin film solar panels.   Total output is 538 kW of electricity.  The Nanosolar panels were pre-assembled into cartridges by AP Alternatives.  The panels were then inserted into pre-driven and laser guided piers on the base.

“The Nanosolar Utility Panel delivers a low-cost, easy to install solar power alternative for America’s military bases,” said Jerry Heminger, VP of Alternative Energy at Romanoff Electric. “Nanosolar’s utility-scale thin film panel design allows us to install equivalent power with fewer panels and less equipment, cabling and people than conventional thin film solar technologies.”

Nanosolar uses a thin-film printing process for its solar panels which they say offers significant cost saving over conventional vacuum based deposition techniques.  They use a roll-to-roll printing technique to substantially reduce manufacturing costs.


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