Nanosolar: No news is good news

Earth2Tech has noted that there hasn’t been much news from the thin film company Nanosolar lately.    I haven’t seen much from Nanosolar either – they’re one of the companies I try to keep a close watch on.   So Reuters decided to check it out and try to find out what was happening in the Nanosolar world.   What they found is that there is some activity going on behind the scenes – Nanosolar has been hiring, and there’s a number of new job and internships opening with the company.   Nanosolar’s CEO, Martin Roscheisen told Reuters that the company is “purposely keeping quiet and plans to start talking again in September.”    But based on the job openings, it looks like Nanosolar has been busy ramping up production.  Nanosolar said last year they had developed a new tool that would allow them to crank out up to 1 gigawatt of their thin film CIGS  solar cells each year, but since Nanosolar didn’t say how many cells they were actually making, it’s always been hard to tell what they’ve actually been doing.  Perhaps September will see some hard numbers.

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