Nanosolar’s new solar panel printing press

This week, Nanosolar showed off its new solar cell printing press, which they claim is the first solar cell production tool capable of producing up to one gigawatt of solar cells per year.

Nanosolar CEO Martin Roscheisen said that their new press represents a “major milestone in solar technology.” According to Mr. Roscheisen, their tool can reach such a high output due to the proprietary nanoparticle ink that Nanosolar has developed. “It allows us to deliver efficient solar cells (presently up to more than 14 per cent) that are simply printed.”

Nanosolar also claims that their new solar cell printing press will allow them to cut manufacturing costs for their CIGS solar cells. It can produce the company’s thin film cells at a speed of 100 feet per minute. Nanosolar claims that is two orders of magnitude more efficient than the current high-vacuum process.

If you go to the Nanosolar blog, you can see a video of the printing press in action.


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