New efficiency record and improved stability for dye-sensitized solar cells

Ressearchers from China and Switzerland have hit the highest efficiency level ever for dye-sensitized solar cells. The new dye-sensitized cells (also known as Gratzel cells) are made up of titanium dioxide and powerful light harvesting dyes. ย  While cheaper to make than silicon based solar cells, they are not as efficient, and the dye-sensitized cells become even less efficient after a relatively short exposure to sunlight.

The researchers created cells with a new type of ruthenium-based dye. ย The new dye helped boost the light absorbing ability of the sun, and the cells were able to hit efficiencies as high as 10%, which is a record for this type of cells. ย  Additionally, the cells were much more stable than previous generations of dye-sensitized cells – they were able to keep generating electricity at over 90% of their max output even after 1,000 hours in full sunlight.

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