New solar carport goes online at East LA College

East Los Angeles College has just turned on a 1.2 megawatt solar farm spread over a 3-acre 530 spot parking log in Monerry Park, California. The farm consists of 5,952 solar panels – its expected to provide up to 45% of the college’s electricity. Currently, the solar farm is performing even better than expected, says Raoul L. Wood, the Chevron Energy Solutions project manager, since the California skies have been clear and sunny even more than usual lately. Chevron Energy Solutions designed the farm. An additional benefit is that students can now park their cars in the shade.

This project is part of a plan from the Los Angeles Community College District to take the entire nine colleges in the District off the grid by getting all of their energy from alternative sources. Los Angeles voters approved more than $2.2 billion in bonds to fund the program.

solar cell carport in East Los Angeles College
Solar Carport at East Los Angeles College
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