New solar plant under construction in Florida

With all the doom and gloom financing problems impacting various alternative energy projects, its nice to see a new project actually undersay.   Florida Power and Light has begun construction on what is going to be the biggest photovoltaic plant in the US when completed around the end of this year.   The 180 acre DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center, being built in DeSoto County, Florida, will consist of 90,000 solar panels and will generate 25 megawatts of power, enough to power 3,000 homes.

3 thoughts on “New solar plant under construction in Florida

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  2. 90,000 panels to power 3,000 homes sounds a bit over the top. That’s 30 panels per home and the average home can be off the grid with a good deal less. Maybe there’s loss in transmission which indicates that the best way to generate electricity is on site.

  3. @andy

    Maybe the Floridians have excessive use of the air conditioners. Still its a little bit less use of a coal power plant. Thumbs up.

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