Phase 1 of big Texas solar farm complete

Alamo I solar farm in Bexar County, TX
Alamo I solar farm in Bexar County, TX
OCI Solar Power has just put online Phase 1 of it’s big 400 MW solar farm being built in San Antonio, Texas. The output from Phase 1 of the Alamo I solar farm is 40 megawatts, or enough to power about 6,600 homes. Estimates from CPS Energy, the company buying the electricity under a leasing agreement, show that the solar power will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 57,000 tons.

At 167,000 panels covering 450 acres, Phase 1 of the Alamo project is now the biggest photovoltaic solar farm in Texas, but its really only about 10% of the entire project. “Alamo I is an interesting milestone because it’s now the largest solar farm in Texas, but it’s still a small part of what is to come,” OCI Solar Power President and CEO Tony Dorazio said. “Alamo I is only step one to Texas’ rise as a big player in solar.”

The next phase of the project, Alamo II, is expected to be completed in early 2014. Alamo II will bring another 4.4 megawatts on line to San Antonio.

via: PR Newswire

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