Premier Power completes New Jersey’s first solar powered parking garage and PHEV charging station

Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc.  announced on Friday that it had completed one of two planned 201kW solar canopies at the site of two six story parking garages in Trenton, with the ribbon cutting to be on Tuesday Oct 14, 2008.   The canopy, which was installed on the rooftop of the Amtrack/NJ parking garage in Trenton, consists of 600 solar panels, which creates enough energy for 50 houses a year.  More importantly, Premier Power is installing 100v charging stations in the garage which can be used for plug-in hybrid electric cars. (PHEVs), and electric cars.  Nexus Properties, Inc. a real estate developer, will operate the solar systems and sell the excess power back to the grid.

Paul Heitmann, spokesman for the Mid-Atlantic Grid Interactive Cars Association, said, “Charging-infrastructure and EVs, when combined with the solar power system that Premier and Nexus have completed here in New Jersey, will allow more renewable energy from intermittent resources to be utilized until the day that battery storage is ubiquitous — in homes, businesses and commercial sites. This charging infrastructure supports other important developing services known as vehicle-to-grid (which is the bi-directional flow of electrical power), where battery storage acts as a ballast to help support grid reliability, and provides an economic benefit to the EV owner.”

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