Pure Wafer makes its solar cells from scraps

A UK based silicon wafer recycling company named Pure Wafer has announced that it will start manufacturing high efficiency solar cells from the scrap material it processes.      Pure Wafer’s core business is to help semiconductor manufacturers “gain further efficiencies through the increased re-use of silicon test wafers within their production processes.”   Now Pure Wafer says that it has developed a process to create solar cells out of recycled silicon materials.  The company says that by using scrap silicon left over from the manufacture of semiconductors,  their cells will have a “much lower carbon print than the majority of conventional solar cells available on the market.”

In a statement, the company said: “In order to expedite the move to mass production of its solar offerings, Pure Wafer is prudently investing an initial amount in equipment to manufacture solar panels from its own solar cells thus providing a wholly UK manufactured product.  These products will enable Pure Wafer to offer complete solar systems and solutions to its customers, ranging from single dwellings to large public and commercial buildings.  Pure Wafer has started to receive initial orders for its new products and services, and the level of interest and inquiries are encouraging.”

via:  WalesOnline

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