Small scale solar – Massachusetts new solar farm sits on former dump

Unused land sitting at a municipal city landfill in Massachusetts is now being put to productive use – saving money and generating clean electricity.

The city of Methuen put their Huntington Avenue landfill to green productive use by building a small solar farm on the site.  The new solar farm, which is now connected to the electrical grid and is producing power, consists of 5,156 solar panels that generate enough electricity to power about 250 houses.

Borrego Solar Systems, Inc – the company that built and is operating the farm, will lease the land from the city for the next 20 years.   By granting Borrego Solar access to the landfill, Methuen gets electricity from the solar panels at below market rates, which the city predicts will save it about $80,000 per year.

via: Merrimack Valley Eagle-Tribune

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