Solar Airconditioners

C|Net News is writing about SolCool One, a company that has developed an air conditioner that runs off the sun. The air conditioner can be run from solar panels, a wall socket, or even on batteries. But no matter what the source of power, the SolCool will lower electricity costs substantially, because of its design. The unit operates at a maximum of 500 watts, which is less than half of what a typical air conditioner uses. It’s optimized to run on the direct current that’s generated by solar panels and batteries, and that allows the company to build a very energy efficient product.

While the price of the SolCool will run about $2,600 – $3,000 before installation (which could cost about another $500), the energy savings will help pay for the difference in costs. It can be run off of five or six midsize solar panels, which would cost a fraction of a solar power system sized for a full house.

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