Solar cell paint

A couple of days ago I told you about using inkjet printers to create solar cells. Now comes word from Swansea University in Wales of solar cell paint. Dr. Dave Worsley and his team of researchers have been working on creating an inexpensive solar cell paint that can be painted on steel surfaces. They think it can possibly generate large amounts of electricity.

They started the project while they were researching how sunlight interacts and degrades paint. While working on that, they realized that the interaction could be changed to produce electricity rather than just degrading the paint. In the usual process of painting steel, the paint is applied to the steel when its passed thru rollers during the manufacturing process. The team wants to use the same approach to build up the layers of the solar cell system. Their goal is to produce solar cells that can be painted onto a flexible steel surface at a rate of 30-40 square meters per minute.

One thing they’ve found so far is that their solar cell paint works very well at capturing low light radiation, which will make it work effectively in rainy climates.

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