Solar charging backpacks coming to a student near you

G24 backpacks
G24 solar charging backpacks
G24 Innovations, a maker of lightweight flexible dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) has started shipping their solar photovoltaic modules to electronics bag manufacturer Mascotte Industrial Associates.    The G24 solar modules are designed to end up in mass market consumer bags (think laptop cases and backpacks) where the panels will be able to charge electronic devices inside the bag.     G24 says that its solar cells will not only produce electricity while outside in bright sunlight, they can also generate juice while indoors in low light office conditions.

G24’s CEO, John Hartnett said about the announcement, “With this shipment we are sending a clear signal to OEM and electronics manufacturers that the lightweight, flexible G24i DSSC module is a highly differentiated product that will help them meet the rapidly growing needs of eco-conscious consumers. Our modules can easily be integrated into a wide variety of consumer products, and offer significant potential for cost reduction and enhanced value, as well as lowering the carbon footprint generated by such products”.

Mascotte Industrial will be building the bags and started showing them off at this week’s Hong Kong Electronics Fair.    They expect that the bags will be at the retail level around December of this year from retailers Concord Keystone and Scratch Tracks, so if you’re interested you can start looking for them soon.

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