Solarmer Energy hits 7.9% efficiency with plastic organic photovoltaic solar cell – breaks record

Solarmer Energy's flexible plastic solar cell
Solarmer's flexible plastic solar cell
Solarmer Energy has just announced that they have achieved a new certified by the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) record for efficiency of 7.9% with their plastic organic photovoltaic (OPV) solar cells.  Solarmer feels that their plastic solar cells represent the next generation of solar cells, since they are flexible, transparent and are expected to be much more affordable than silicon solar panels.  Solarmer uses low cost plastic and inexpensive printing and fabrication techniques to make their cells, and they’re shooting for a 10% efficiency by the end of next year.

They are currently in the middle of building their “proof of manufacturability” production line  and expect to have a full scale manufacturing line producing commercial panels by early 2011.   They’re targeting mobile phones and other electronic devices, along with solar tents, bags and other fabric items as the first applications for their cells.   Solarmer says that power generating windows will be next.


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