Solyndra adds to its contracts with a $189m SunConnex deal

Solyndra, the  maker of thin film cylindrical solar cells that can absorb light from all directions and who recently had gotten a $535 million Federal load guarantee from the Department of Energy, has just signed a new $189m multiyear contract with Amsterdam based solar intergrator SunConnex.  The contract, which calls for Solyndra to sell an undisclosed number of its tubular thin film solar panels to SunConnex, is scheduled to run through 2013 and is more good news for Solyndra, which now has a backlog of sales contracts of nearly $1.7 billion.

Of course, all these contracts means that Solyndra has lots of solar cells to deliver.  The $535 million load guarantee will be going towards a second manufacturing plant for Solyndra.   Their first plant, in Fremont California, has been churning out panels since July, although the company isn’t saying how many they’ve made or even if they’ve reached full capacity.


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