Two new large scale solar panel farms go live this week in US

Two new solar panel farms opened this week in Nevada and Colorado.

The Air Force announced that they’ve completed the largest solar photovoltaic system in North America.  Located at Nellis Air Force Base which is near Las Vegas, Nevada, the new solar farm covers 140 acres of land at Nellis AFB, and consists of a whopping 72,000 SunPower PV solar panels.  The panels use SunPower Tracker technology, so they swivel during the day to track the sun and provide about 30 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year. The 14 megawatt solar farm will provide about a quarter of the electricity used at Nellis, where about 12,000 people live and work.  The Nellis  solar farm was financed and will be operated by MMA Renewable Ventures LLC who will sell power back to the Air Force for 20 years at a fixed rate.  Solar panels at Nellis AFBRead the full press release here.

The second announcement was made by SunEdison LLC who opened an 8.22 megawatt photovoltaic solar panel farm in Alamoso, Colorado.  The farm, which covers 80 acres of land will sell electricity to Public Service of Colorado, which is the state’s largest utility.

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