Washington Redskins’ FedEx Field going solar

Washington D.C.’s FedEx field, home to the  Washington Redskins, is getting a solar retrofit.   Solar panels are being installed that will provide enough electricity to power the stadium on non-game days, and the panels will also provide shade for 850 tailgating parking spots.

Overall, the new system, being built by NRG Energy, will generate 2 megawatts of power.    Overall, the new system is expected to totally provide enough electricity to run the entire stadium when its not filled with tens of thousands of fans.   Even on game days, the new array will reduce the amount of electricity that the stadium needs to pull from the grid.    And about 8,000 of the solar panels will cover one of the parking lots – providing protection from the sun, rain, and snow for tailgaters, and also a couple of electric vehicle charging stations.

Everything is supposed to be finished by September of this year, whether or not there’s a NFL season.

Look for other NFL teams to follow suit – the league is encouraging it.     The Philadelphia Eagles have already announced plans to make Lincoln Financial Field the first stadium that is totally reliant on renewable energy.


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