Solar / natural gas power plant hybrids

Investors Business Daily has an interesting article on power companies that are adding solar arrays to their natural gas plants.  The result is a power plant that produces more clean power using less fossil fuel.   Several case studies have shown that these hybrid power plants can save money, especially … Continue reading

Is molten salt the “secret sauce” for solar?

A couple of companies in California, SolarReserve and Rocketdyne,  are gearing up to use molten salt as the key ingredient in a new solar plant that’s expected to power 100,000 homes. While it sounds like a weird idea, the concept has actually been proven before, in a shuttered concentrated solar … Continue reading

World’s largest solar power tower now operating in Spain

A new concentrating solar power (CSP) tower, built by Abengoa Solar in Spain, has started up operations. The PS20 is made up of a solar field consisting of 1255 mirrored heliostats with a surface area of 1291 square feet each. These mirrors reflect the sun onto the receiver, which is … Continue reading

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