Sheerwind claiming 3 to 6 times increased power output with their ducted Involex wind turbine

Sheerwind, the wind power company based in Minnesota, has just released the results of tests on their INVOLEX bladeless wind turbine, and the results are very encouraging.   Their testing shows a 300-600% increase in wind power generated compared to traditional type wind turbines. The INVOLEX is a ducted wind … Continue reading

SheerWind’s new ducted wind turbine design increases wind speed and boosts power output

Sheerwind INVELOX SheerWind, a startup from Chaska, Minnesota, is showing off their prototype of a new type of ducted wind turbine that they say will concentrate and increase wind speed in order to increase power output.   INVELOX (“increasing the velocity” of wind), consists of a ducted wind turbine that … Continue reading

Ultra quiet wind turbine unveiled

Ecowhisper An Australian company – Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA)- has just shown off the first installation of what they claim is the world’s quietest wind turbine.   Since one of the major complaints about wind turbines is their constant ‘whooshing’ noise, a quieter turbine can help silence wind critics. … Continue reading

The Energy Ball wind turbine

A Swedish company named Home Energy has just released a new wind power turbine that spins in a circular fashion and also looks very cool. According to Inhabitat, the Energy Ball uses a principle called the Venturi Effect, which channels air thru the six blades and around the generator. This … Continue reading

Ducted Wind Turbine from Marquiss Wind Power aimed at rooftops

Marquiss Wind Power announced that they’ve raised $1.3 million in funding to help commercialize their Aeropoint ducted wind turbine. As you can tell from the pictures, the Marquiss Aeropoint Ducted Wind Turbine looks a little different than other wind turbines – its small (19 ft tall), and pivots to take … Continue reading

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