First Solar hits record for thin-film solar efficiency

First Solar Inc (FSLR) has hit another efficiency record for its thin film solar cells, and has announced that they will incorporate the new methods into their manufacturing process starting next quarter.    First Solar will use their efficiency gain to compete against cost reductions by Chinese solar companies.   … Continue reading

New solar farm in Ohio opens – adds 12 megawatts to the grid

The largest solar farm in Ohio started operations this week, providing enough electricity to power more than 9,000 homes.   The 12 megawatt Wyandot Solar Farm, which uses First Solar panels and power conversion systems from Ohio based Myers Controlled Power, was built by the New Jersey company Public Service … Continue reading

GE targeting First Solar in battle for film thin sales

General Electric announced this week that they’re going to be focusing on thin film solar cells for their future solar power product lines.  In doing so, GE will be taking on industry leader First Solar, which is the leading producer of low cost cadmium telluride (cad tel) thin film solar … Continue reading

First Solar to enter residential solar panel market

First Solar, the maker of thin-film solar panels,  signed a deal this week with SolarCity, a California based solar system installer, to bring thin-film solar panels to the residential market.  SolarCity currently runs a solar panel leasing program that allows homeowners to go solar without a large upfront investment, and … Continue reading

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