Nanosolar aiming to reach grid parity by 2015

Nanosolar, maker of thin-film CIGS solar cells, is predicting that it will hit full grid parity by 2015.   Grid parity means that the electricity provided by Nanosolar will be cheap as grid supplied power, without the need for tax breaks. In 2006, Nanosolar received a $42 million grant from … Continue reading

$150m loan guarantee to 1366 Technologies to drive down the cost of solar panels

The U.S. Department of Energy announced this week a new package of $231m to support the development of solar wafer technology, offshore wind, and geothermal energy.  The largest initiative was for a $150m loan guarantee to 1366 Technologies – they’ve been developing a process that uses molten silicon to dramatically reduce … Continue reading

Solyndra generating buzz with their cylindrical solar cells

Solyndra has been one of those companies that has been  gathering funding and working on their technology while not saying a whole bunch.   But several news articles out this week show that there’s lots going on at Solyndra.   The big financial news was that they have $600 million … Continue reading

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