Reviews of the new Prius c coming in

  Toyota Prius c goes on sale in March 2012 Toyota’s new Prius c will hit the showrooms around March, and the reviews are starting to come in. The Prius c (the c is for “city”), is a smaller and less expensive hybrid than Toyota’s familiar Prius liftback. Toyota introduced … Continue reading

Toyota announces pricing on plug-in hybrid Prius

Toyota has announced pricing and availability for it’s new plug-in hybrid Prius.   The Prius PHEV in will be available in two different models – the base model, which will have an MSRP of $32,000, and the Advanced, with an MSRP of $39,525.   Both models will probably qualify for … Continue reading

Toyota planning a new smaller and cheaper hybrid

Word is that Toyota is planning on coming out with a new hybrid model that will be smaller and cheaper than the Prius.    According to the, Toyota will be showing off a concept version of the new hybrid at the Jan 11th North American International Auto Show.   … Continue reading

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