Chrysler testing plug-in hybrid minivans

Chrysler Town & Country PHEV Chrysler has been moving ahead with plans to release a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of its popular Town & Country minivan.  They now have 25 Town & Country minivans driving around the roads of Arizona, North Carolina, and Michigan as part of the data-collection phase … Continue reading

Toyota announced the Prius C – a subcompact lower priced hybrid

By now, everyone knows that Toyota has released a bigger Prius – the Prius-v.    Toyota has also been working on a smaller Prius – that they’re calling the Prius C.   Toyota has previously shown some concept car versions of the Prius C  – but now they’re showcasing the … Continue reading

Auto Industry Expert: We’ll have more than 100 Hybrid / EV models in U.S. by 2015

Alan Baum, a Michigan based auto industry analyst, forecasts that there will be a large jump in the number of types of hybrids and electric vehicles sold in the US by 2015 – over 100 different models.  This is up from about the 22 hybrids and one electric car (the … Continue reading

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