Researchers create working solar cell that harvests additional electrons

Researchers have created the first solar cells capable of harvesting more than one electron for every photon of light that hits it. Credit: Science/AAAS Solar cell researchers have long known that much of the energy in sunlight gets wasted instead of converted to energy when it hits a solar cell. … Continue reading

GE to build largest US thin film solar panel manufacturing plant

General Electric came out with several solar power related announcements this week.  They’ve acquired PrimeStar Solar (a company they’ve been working with to develop cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin film solar cells), achieved an NREL confirmed record 12.8% efficiency on its CdTe panels, and announced that they will be building a … Continue reading

Solar cell stick-ons can make them more efficient

By applying transparent stickers to your solar cells, you can make them more efficient.   Not just any old stickers, though, Genie Lens Technologies, a startup located in Colorado, has developed a polymer film embossed with microstructures that bend the incoming sunlight. By bending the sunlight, it allows the solar … Continue reading

NREL developing more efficient air conditioning

This illustration shows how the DEVap cooling core uses water and liquid desiccant to draw in outside air, exhaust some of that air and return cool, dry air to the area being cooled. DEVap’s integrated evaporative component and its desiccant drying process offer improved dehumidification, lower costs, and much lower … Continue reading

NREL develops green LEDs to help improve the quality of LED lighting

NREL lasers used to analyze light emitting properties gallium indium phospate alloys One day, LED lights will be common throughout your house. But right now they’re not only far too expensive, the quality of the light they give off basically stinks.  NREL (the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) is working to … Continue reading

Solarmer Energy hits 7.9% efficiency with plastic organic photovoltaic solar cell – breaks record

Solarmer’s flexible plastic solar cell Solarmer Energy has just announced that they have achieved a new certified by the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) record for efficiency of 7.9% with their plastic organic photovoltaic (OPV) solar cells.  Solarmer feels that their plastic solar cells represent the next generation of solar … Continue reading

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