Konarka’s plastic solar cells

Konarka’s Power Plastic Fortune magazine has a nice writeup on Konarka, a small compnay that’s created something they call Power Plastic, which is a new lightweight, flexible and cheap material that can be used as solar panels, both inside and outside. ┬áRight now, Konarka is selling small amounts of their … Continue reading

Konarka Technologies demos their inkjet printed solar cells

Konarka Technologies, Inc, said Tuesday that they have successfully conducted the first ever demonstration of inkjet printed solar cells. Rick Hess, the president and CEO of Konarka said the the demo is a “milestone for the company and represents an, “essential breakthrough in the field of printed solar cells.” Konarka … Continue reading

Solar Power Without Silicon

Wired News has a good article today on several companies that are moving away from silicon based photovoltaic cells and developing solar cells that use other materials. They talk about Nanosolar, who are building a factory to make thin-film solar energy cells using copper based semiconductors, Miasole’, who have developed … Continue reading

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