IBM developing an 80 percent efficient solar power collector

By combining their experience on cooling supercomputers with a concentrated photovoltaic solar collector, IBM thinks that they can hit 80 percent efficiency with its new High Concentration Photovoltaic Thermal (HCPVT) system.   With HCPVT, you get energy in two forms – electricity plus hot water. The system consists of a … Continue reading

Frito-Lay plant goes near net zero in energy use

Frito Lay solar concentrators Frito-Lay, the company that brings you Cheetos, Doritos, and lots of other tasty snacks, has made substantial changes to its manufacturing plant in Casa Grande, Arizona to create what it can arguably state is the “greenest” manufacturing plant in the U.S.  The plant, which is the … Continue reading

HyperSolar developing low cost solar concentrators to increase solar cell efficiency

HyperSolar, a small company in Santa Barbara, CA, recently announced that it is using low cost manufacturing processes to develop a solar concentrator that can sit on top of existing solar cells.  The benefit of a solar concentrator is that it increases the amount of usable solar energy hitting the … Continue reading

Solar cells capture heat and light

Prototype fluid cooled solar panel from the Australian National University Researchers at the Australian National University have developed solar cells that capture both light and heat from the sun.   Their new solar concentrators use a fluid to trap the heat generated when the light from the sun hits the … Continue reading

Stopping shadows from harming solar cells

Researchers at the Australian National University have come up with a new process that stops moving shadows from “cannibalising” solar cells and lowering the efficiency of the solar panel.

MIT researchers develop new solar power windows

In a press release, MIT researchers have reported that they have developed solar power concentrators that can be used to turn windows into solar panels. Their new technique paints the window glass with a mixture of two or more tranparent organic dyes that absorbs and transports the light to solar … Continue reading

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