Volkswagen goes live with new Chattanooga solar farm

Volkswagen USA has just taken the wraps of its new solar farm which will help power its Chattanooga Tennessee plant.   The new solar farm cranks out about 9.5 megawatts of electricity, enough to fulfill about 12.5% of the plant’s needs during full operating capacity, and 100% of demand when … Continue reading

Nanosolar completes 538kW solar panel installation for Ohio National Guard

Nanosolar thin film solar panels are powering a new solar farm at the Camp Perry Ohio National Guard Base in Port Clinton, Ohio.   The new project, which was led by Ramanoff Electric, consists of 2,750 of Nanosolar’s thin film solar panels.   Total output is 538 kW of electricity. … Continue reading

Vermont’s largest solar farm begins generating electricity

The largest solar farm in the state of Vermont has just begun generating electricity. The new solar farm, located near Burlington, VT, was built on a 25 acre meadow and consists of 9,000 solar panels.  The panels are mounted on 382 AllSun trackers, which tilt the panels to follow the … Continue reading

New solar farm in Ohio opens – adds 12 megawatts to the grid

The largest solar farm in Ohio started operations this week, providing enough electricity to power more than 9,000 homes.   The 12 megawatt Wyandot Solar Farm, which uses First Solar panels and power conversion systems from Ohio based Myers Controlled Power, was built by the New Jersey company Public Service … Continue reading

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