Three more small scale solar farms start generating electricity

The trend towards smaller scale solar power continues.   Three new U.S. based small solar farms began operations recently, two in New Jersey and one in Nevada. The biggest of the three is the Nevada project.   First Solar and Enbridge Inc have just announced the completion of the Silver … Continue reading

Solar getting smaller – economics of solar power leading the way towards more smaller projects

There seems to be a trend developing in the solar power arena – utilities are shifting away from huge large scale solar projects and are instead moving towards smaller sized projects.   A good example is the brand new 8 megawatt solar plant built on 50 acres of private land … Continue reading

Puerto Rico wind and solar farms being built to reduce dependence on oil

Puerto Rico currently relies on oil to generate 68 percent of its power needs, and power costs on the island are currently twice as much as on the U.S. mainland.   Realizing this, Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno recently announced projects designed to reduce the island’s dependence on imported oil.  … Continue reading

Solyndra gets deal to put solar panels on Southern California big box stores

Solyndra, makers of cylindrical thin film solar cells, this week signed a deal with Southern California Edison (SCE)  to install solar systems on the roofs of 18 big box retail stores and industrial buildings.  When complete in 2011, the photovoltaic solar arrrays will provide 16.2 megawatts of electricity for SCE.

Distributed solar power projects becoming more popular

While announcements about new big solar power plants grab the headlines (and the concerns of environmentalists (see this NY Times artlcle – BrightSource Alters Solar Plant Plan to Address Concerns Over Desert Tortoise)), many utilities are now beginning to focus on small distributed solar rooftop arrays and small solar farms … Continue reading

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