Nanosolar completes 538kW solar panel installation for Ohio National Guard

Nanosolar thin film solar panels are powering a new solar farm at the Camp Perry Ohio National Guard Base in Port Clinton, Ohio.   The new project, which was led by Ramanoff Electric, consists of 2,750 of Nanosolar’s thin film solar panels.   Total output is 538 kW of electricity. … Continue reading

Solyndra gets deal to put solar panels on Southern California big box stores

Solyndra, makers of cylindrical thin film solar cells, this week signed a deal with Southern California Edison (SCE)  to install solar systems on the roofs of 18 big box retail stores and industrial buildings.  When complete in 2011, the photovoltaic solar arrrays will provide 16.2 megawatts of electricity for SCE.

GE targeting First Solar in battle for film thin sales

General Electric announced this week that they’re going to be focusing on thin film solar cells for their future solar power product lines.  In doing so, GE will be taking on industry leader First Solar, which is the leading producer of low cost cadmium telluride (cad tel) thin film solar … Continue reading

IBM developing inexpensive solar cells made from available materials

IBM researchers have been developing new efficient thin film type solar cells that use abundant materials instead of the scarce materials used in current thin film solar cells.   The materials that IBM is seeking to replace are cadmium, iridium, gallium, and selenide, which make up CIGS type cells.   … Continue reading

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