Scientific American’s update on Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) have long been promoted as superior to those huge horizontal axis wind turbines you mainly see in wind farms.  The concept behind VAWTs certainly is attractive – VAWTs are smaller, safer for birds, quieter, and supposedly can produce electricity with lower wind speeds.

SheerWind’s new ducted wind turbine design increases wind speed and boosts power output

Sheerwind INVELOX SheerWind, a startup from Chaska, Minnesota, is showing off their prototype of a new type of ducted wind turbine that they say will concentrate and increase wind speed in order to increase power output.   INVELOX (“increasing the velocity” of wind), consists of a ducted wind turbine that … Continue reading

Windpower’s Aerogenerator changes design, gets even bigger and more powerful

Aerogenerator X British company Windpower has always thought big.    A couple of years ago, they came up with the design for their Aerogenerator, a 144 meter Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) that would generate up to 5 MW of electricity.     Their brand new design (the Aerogenerator X) looks … Continue reading

How ‘Drafting’ can help wind turbine efficiency

VAWTs closely spaced – Mariah Power If you don’t know what drafting is, you see it all the time in car races and bicycle races – its when the cars or bicycles follow close behind the leader and enjoy the benefits of decreased wind resistance.   Now researchers are finding … Continue reading

Mariah Power to begin shipping VAWT Windspire on April 18th

Mariah Power Windspire According to Greentechmedia, Mariah Power will begin shipping its $3,995 vertical axis wind turbine, the Windspire, by the end of next week – April 18th. The Windspire, which is targeted for the home wind turbine residential market, is a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) that can produce … Continue reading

Want to know more about vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT)?

Mother Earth News recently published a guide to vertical axis wind turbines at their site. Vertical axis wind turbines have been in the news lately, from the Bluenergy SolarWind Turbine, to the Nova Aerogenerator, to Mariah Power’s new Windspire, which is about to start one year of rigorous performance testing … Continue reading

Green Energy News: Reinventing the Wind Turbine

GreenEnergyNews has a nice article on some new innovations in the wind power area. Since there’s a practical limit to the size of the wind turbines, the only way to get more power from turbines is to look at other parts of the design. GreenEnergyNews lists a bunch of the … Continue reading

Rooftop Wind Generators getting closer to reality

from the ConsciousEarth blog – a new wind turbine from a company named Mag-Wind has developed what’s known as a magnetically-levitated vertical-axis wind turbine. The unit has a diameter of only 4 feet, and supposedly can generate 1,110 kwh per month with an average windspeed of 13 mph, and will … Continue reading

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