Aquamarine Power shows off its next gen wave power device – the Oyster 2

I previously posted an article about Aquamarine Power’s wave power device, the Oyster, which went live off the coast of Scotland, in November 2009.  The Oyster is a wave power device that uses the movement of ocean waves to pump water through a pipeline to onshore generators, where the water pressure is used to turn turbines and create electricity.  With the original model of the Oyster, Aquamarine Power said that an array of 20 Oysters could create enough power for 9,000 homes.

During the testing of the original Oyster, Aquamarine Power was busy designing the next generation of its device, and has just unveiled the Oyster 2. The newer version is designed to be both more efficient (20 of them can now produce enough electricity for 20,000 homes) and cheaper to make and maintain.  The new design uses less steel, plus it has a smaller number of moving parts along with modular construction so that parts can easily be swapped out as needed for maintenance.

Aquamarine Power's Oyster 2
Aquamarine Power's Oyster 2

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