C|Net News – Wave power to go commercial in California

Some new initiatives for tidal power are happening in California, as detailed by C|Net.  Pacific Gas & Electric has just signed a power purchase agreement with Finavera Renewables for 2 megawatts of electricity.  Finavera is building a wave farm 2.5 miles off the cost of California near Humboldt County.  The wave farm is expected to start generating electricity in 2012 – if successful, the company will expand the wave farm to 100 megawatts. Finavera’s device, the Aquabuoy, is a buoy connected to a long underwater piston. As the buoy bobs up and down on the waves, it pushes the piston, which pressurizes a chamber filled with seawater. The pressure turns the turbine to make electricity. Click here for the full article and more information, or watch the video below.

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