Another 240 MW of Wind Power goes online for Texas customers

Renewable Energy Access is reporting that 181 new wind turbines just came online at the Cottonwood Creek Wind Farm in Sweetwater, Texas, generating another 240 megawatts of wind power for CPS Energy customers. The new wind turbines represent an expansion of the Cottonwood Creek farm, which previously had a 100 megawatt capacity.

CPS also gets wind generated electricity from the Desert Sky Wind Farm in West Texas – their total now equals 500 megawatts of wind power. Adding that to CPS Energy’s other alternative energy sources such as solar and landfill gas means that CPS Energy gets 11% of its energy from renewable sources.

“CPS Energy’s goal is to meet 15 percent of our customers’ peak electrical demand with renewable energy such as wind power by 2020, “said General Manager and CEO Milton Lee. “Now, with more wind energy online, along with other renewable sources including solar and landfill gas, we are slightly above 11 percent. So we are definitely on the way to meeting our lofty 2020 goal, and we’re one of only a handful of utility systems across the country that has surpassed the double-digit percentage mark for renewable energy.”

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