Best of both worlds: The Bluenergy vertical SolarWind Turbine reports that Bluenergy AG, a German company, has created what appears to be the first “integrated solar vertical axis wind turbine.”

Bluenergy Solarwind turbine
Bluenergy vertical axis SolarWind turbine

So when the wind isn’t blowing but the sun’s out, you still get electricity from the Bluenergy SolarWind due to the solar panels built into the blades of the turbine (and, of course, when the sun’s not out but the wind’s blowing, you also get power). Bluenergy’s different vertical wind and solar cell turbine models range from 2KW for home and residential use to 8KW for businesses, and come with an inverter built into the base.

You can check out Bluenergy’s official website here. Their site has a lot more details on the design of their new vertical wind and solar power turbines, along with downloadable brochures.

7 thoughts on “Best of both worlds: The Bluenergy vertical SolarWind Turbine

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  2. It is the answer when we realize that the EARTH have a huge potent on WIND, and in our own modern man _ just assume that people just depend on hidro-carbon energy source. Pf to U all who can prove that We All live with Alternative energy.

  3. too bad this is not going to be in production..nice idea!

  4. Renewable Energy Manufactures/suppliers should use their own product to manufacture.

    The manufacturersโ€™ of Solar Panels and other forms of renewable energy with related support products manufactures/suppliers – should have at least the decency to practice what they preach what they market to the public.
    That would be the best marketing approach I can think off.
    If they believe in the product they manufacture/sell, they should utilize it to its fullest potential.
    It will give the manufacturer the actual experience of utilizing the product on a daily basis, view and experience any shortcoming or improvements that are needed, implement the improvements and capitalize on that revision to improve the product and its performance.
    This will instill confidence in the public to purchase the product.

    YJay Draiman, Energy Analyst

    What kind of car are the executives of the automobile industry are driving.
    As with any new technology, PV will become more efficient, cheaper and cleaner to produce. In order for this to happen we (Governments / NGOs / Individuals) need to invest more time and money into making PV viable, e.g. through increased incentives, regulations, technical standards, R&D, manufacturing processes and generating consumer demand.
    Just like the automobile industry, the manufacture used its own product.
    Over the years the automobile industry and technology has evolved from the early 1900 to what it is today the year 2011.
    I predict that in 10 years the automobile we know today will change drastically for the better, with new fuel technology and other modification that will improve its scales of economy and features.

  5. would like to know an learn more about your products on wind and solar turbines to see if its the specs im lookin for. Looking to market in the United States same idea concept.

  6. Please send all info an priceing of all products on an for wind and solar turbines to 225 Helen St. #33 Montrose, MI. 48457.

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