Britain is the leader in offshore wind energy

The UK government has just announced that it has become the world’s top producer of electricity from offshore wind farms.   The new windfarms will enable Britain to produce a total of 590 megawatts of offshore energy, which is more than Denmark’s 423 megawatts of offshore wind capacity.  They took over first place with the completion of wind turbines at Lynn and Inner Dowsing that produce 194 megawatts.   Overall, Britain produces 3 gigawatts of electricity from wind, both onshore and offshore, enough to power about two million homes.

More is on the way.    Mike O’Brien, the minister of state at the new Department of Energy and Climate Change, said that there are five more offshore wind farms under construction that will increase capacity by an additional 938 megawatts.    Overall, Britain wants to increase its overall wind created electricity by one third over the next year, and have announced a new program to cut the cost of offshore wind farms – the £30 million Offshore Wind Accelerator Program, which was designed by Carbon Trust.

scoby sands offshore wind farm
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