California Cities Buying into Utah Wind Power

The Salt Lake Tribune discusses how a number of southern California cities (Los Angeles, Burbank, and Pasadena) have just signed a 20 year $270 million contract with UPC Wind of Milford, UT to buy 200 megawatts of wind-generated electricty. This is enough to power about 43,000 homes.

The three California cites are the first customers for this wind power project, located on 16,000 acres northeast of the county of Milford. New California law is requiring California utilities to make renewable energy 20% of their output by 2010. While public owned utilities have a longer deadline, its very possible that the California legislature could impose the levels on them as they do on privately owned utilities. Also, a new California law forbids any utility from entering into new long-term contracts with convential coal-fired power producers.

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