Combo wind / solar plant planned for Palm Springs, Calif

AES Solar Energy is planning on developing a large scale combination wind and solar plant in Palm Springs, California.   The new plant would place a 13 megawatt photovoltaic solar plant underneath the wind turbines being planned for a 77 acre site just south of Interstate 10 in California.     By combining both types of alternative energy at one location, AES hopes to maximize energy production from the site.

“What’s interesting about this renewable power project in particular is the non-coincidental nature of the two sources of power,” said Nathan Potter, a representative of the developer, AES Solar Energy of Arlington, Va., at a June 9 meeting of the Palm Springs Planning Commission. “The wind is generally strongest during the evening, and obviously the sun during the day.”

The site is already located next to high-voltage transmission lines and an electrical substation.


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