Construction begins on new Michigan wind power farm

Construction of a new wind farm in the Ubly area of Michigan has begun.   The wind farm, which is being built by Nobel Environmental Power and RMT WindConnect, will consist of 46 GE wind turbines in Bingham and Sheridan townships, and will generate 1.5 megawatts of wind power – enough for about 23,000 homes.   The new windfarm is near a 32 turbine wind farm that was built last year by John Deere Wind Energy.

The turbines will be placed on farmland and the farmers will receive a portion of the profits from the wind power.

CA wind turbine is being constructed on the farmland of Charlie Briolat, whose barn is visible in the rear. The pedestal and anchor bolts have been installed in preparation for the arrival of the actual structure. Noble Environmental Power has begin constructing foundations for 46 wind turbines on several farms near Ubly. Cathy Layman | Times Photo
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