Delaware legislature clears way for offshore wind farm

Delaware Senate Bill 328 passed both chambers of the Delaware legislature last week, paving the way for the creation of what may be the first offshore wind energy farm in the US.

The wind farm, which will be located 11 to 14 miles off of the Sussex County coastline will initially consist of 55-70 wind turbines.  The farm, which will be built by Blue Water Wind, will provide 200 megawatts of electricity to Delmarva Power.  Blue Water Wind is currently trying to sign up additional customers in New Jersey, Maryland, and other big electricity users in Delaware.  If successful, the wind farm can be expanded – the initial proposal was for 150 turbines.

Blue Water Wind expects to start providing electricity in 2012, and expects to bring new wind turbines on line 15 at a time.   But the project still needs to go thru an extensive state and federal permitting process before Blue Water Wind can begin construction.

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