Dispatchable Wind: Enabling wind to play a mainstream role in power production

EnergyPulse.net describes some wind power problems and potential solutions to the issue of shaping wind power production to meet grid demands and secure a good price for its electricity.

“For wind to take its place as a mainstream generator, wind farms will have to be able to shape the power they deliver according to the needs of their customers. Wind is an intermittent resource that current technologies convert immediately into intermittent power. This intermittent power receives a poor price in many markets, with no time-of-day energy pricing or capacity payments. In addition, because of its unpredictability, intermittent power is not an efficient user of transmission resources. The industry can forecast the output of a wind farm within 3 percent over 20 years, but it can’t predict whether, or how much, the wind will blow next Tuesday.”

Some solutions that are described include capacitors, flywheels and flow batteries for short term storage, and compressed air energy storage (CAES) for long term storage of the power produced by the wind farm.

Click the link above for the EnergyPulse article and comments.

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