Duke Energy Wyoming wind farm brought online

Duke Energy has brought another one of its wind farms online and it’s now producing electricity.   The 66 turbine, 99 megawatt Campbell Hill wind power project, located in Converse County in Wyoming is now producing enough wind power to provide electricity to power about 30,000 homes.

Duke Energy has brought a number of wind power farms online this year, including the 151 megawatt (MW) Notrees Windpower project in Texas, a 70 MW North Allegheny Windpower project in Pennsylvania, and another 42 MW Wyoming project.  They’ve also committed to build a 51 MW wind farm in Colorado next year (the Kit Carson Wind power project) and a 200 MW farm in Casper, Wyoming (the Top of the World Windpower project). Also, last week Duke Energy received a $22 million matching federal grant from the US Department of Energy to help Duke design, build and install a large scale wind power storage solution at the Notrees wind power site in Texas.

via PRnewswire

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