FloDesign’s wind turbine is more efficient, company gets funds to expand in Massachusetts

FloDesign’s unique wind turbine design borrows from jet engine technology to produce more energy from less wind speed. Their turbine uses shorter blades that are contained in a shroud that funnels fast and slow air into the turbine, and the mix of different air speeds creates a vortex that’s used to turn the blades.  The company is claiming 2 to 3 times the efficiency of traditional 3 bladed wind turbines in addition to being smaller.   FloDesign and the state of Massachusetts announced a plan this week for a $3 million package of grants and loans that would keep the company in Massachusetts after other states dangled their own incentive packages. As part of the deal, FloDesign has promised to relocate its headquarters to Waltham, MA and hire more than 100 new employees over the next 3 years.

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