information on the Skystream 3.7 for Home Wind Power

FuturePundit has some good information about the Skystream 3.7 home wind electric power generator kit made by Southwest Windpower Inc. Depending on your average wind speed and the amount of electricity your household uses each month, the Skystream can lower your household electricity bill 20%-90%. For a typical house in California, the Skystream will produce about 400 KWh each month. That equals a payback period of about 12 years.

Unfortunately, not every house can use a Skystream. Here’s some of the conditions – you need at least a half acre of land unobstructed. Plus you need zoning permission to put up a 42 foot tower. And you must have a utility that will buy back your excess electricity.

The FuturePundit article discusses the Skystream in much more depth to include some more recommendations as to whom might make best use of it. Click the link at the top to read it.

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