– Micro Wind Turbines: Small size, big impact talks about the Motorwind, a micro-wind technology small enough for private use in both rural and urban environments. The Motorwind was developed by researches at Hong Kong University and Lucien Gambarota of Motorwave Ltd, and costs about $150 for a row of eight turbines – and you can buy these today. These microturbines can generate power with wind speed as low as 2 meters/second, and are also very light and small (25 cm rotor diameter). Tests are showing that turbines arranged within a surface area of only one square meter and a wind speed of 5 m/second generate 131 kWh/yr. Shortly there will be a larger test done at the Hong Kong Sea School when they install 360 microturbines in a space of 20 square meters.
motorwind - microturbine technology

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