My First Close Look at a Wind Farm

I’ve started this blog about a year ago and have been posting all these articles about wind farms, but it recently occurred to me that I had never actually seen one close up. That changed yesterday when I went down to the Jersey shore and as we were driving down the Atlantic City expressway, off in the distance I saw some wind turbines. As we got closer to Atlantic City, I saw they have these wind power turbines right at the end of the AC Expressway and right at the entrance to Atlantic City – it was a pretty impressive sight. I would say that you probably pass about 300 yards or so from the closest one. The AC Wind Farm outputs about 7.5 megawatts, and was the first wind farm to be built in New Jersey – it opened in late 2005. Here’s a link to the description of the site and a pictureAtlantic City Wind Farm

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